Grand Komnenoi

   See Trebizond.

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  • Byzantium under the Komnenoi — Infobox Former Country native name = Βασιλεία Ῥωμαίων conventional long name = Byzantine Empire common name = Byzantium year start = 1081 year end = 1185 date start = 4 April date end = 31 August event start = Coronation of Alexios I event end =… …   Wikipedia

  • Komnenos dynasty — The Komnenos or Comnenus ( el. Κομνηνός, Κομνηνοί) was a Byzantine Greek noble family and an important ruling Dynasty of the Byzantine Empire, as they are widely considered to have reversed the Decline of the Byzantine Empire for over a century,… …   Wikipedia

  • Theodora Axuchina — was the wife of Alexios I of Trebizond. NameHer name appears in the Europäische Stammtafeln: Stammtafeln zur Geschichte der Europäischen Staaten (1978) by Detlev Schwennicke and has since found its place in several modern genealogies. However the …   Wikipedia

  • Komnenos — Byzantine emperor Alexios I Komnenos Komnenós or Comnenus (Greek Κομνηνός, plural Κομνηνοί, pronounced /komniní/) was the name of a ruling family of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire), who halted the political decline of the Empire from… …   Wikipedia

  • Andronikos I Komnenos — or Andronicus I Comnenus (Greek: Ανδρόνικος Α’ Κομνηνός, Andronikos I Komninos ; c. 1118 ndash; September 12, 1185) was a Byzantine emperor (r. 1183 1185), son of prince Isaac Komnenos. His paternal grandparents were Emperor Alexios I Komnenos… …   Wikipedia

  • Komnene, daughter of Alexios I of Trebizond — Komnene was the wife of Andronikos I of Trebizond. Her first name is unknown. Komnene is the female form of Komnenos , her family name [ [ unknown daughter Comnene ] ] . FamilyShe was the… …   Wikipedia

  • Alexius Comnenus (d. 1142) — Alexios Komnenos, latinised as Alexius Comnenus ( el. polytonic|Ἀλέξιος Κομνηνός), was the eldest son of the Byzantine emperor John II Komnenos and his wife Eirene of Hungary. He was born in February 1106 at Balabista in Macedonia and died on the …   Wikipedia

  • Andronikashvili — The Andronikashvili ( ka. ანდრონიკაშვილები) sometimes known as Endronikashvili (ენდრონიკაშვილები) was a princely family in Georgia which claimed their descent from the Byzantine Comnenid dynasty and played a prominent role in political, military… …   Wikipedia

  • Иоанн Комнин Толстый — Иоанн Комнин, имевший прозвище «Толстый» (греч. Ἰωάννης Κομνηνός ὁ παχύς)  византийский аристократ, поднявший 31 июля 1201[1] года восстание в Константинополе против императора Алексея III Ангела (пр. 1195 1203). Мятеж был подавлен, а… …   Википедия

  • Empire of Trebizond —    One of three Byzantine states created in exile after the fall of Constantinople to the Fourth Crusade (qq.v.). From 1204 1461 the dynasty of the Grand Komnenoi, founded by Alexios I Komnenos and David Komnenos (qq.v.), whose grandfather was… …   Historical dictionary of Byzantium

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